Using and learning Claro tool is good?

Hi Everyone,

I am using storyline tool for past 2 years. Now, i got a new job. This new company uses Claro tool. I don't know much about that tool. My current manager says. Storyline s good for my profile and Claro wont help me in future. So I am confused regarding that. Is Claro tool used in MNCs? Which would help me for my future? Should I switch company or stay here itself?

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Ellen Price

In my experience, Articulate is far superior to Claro--almost like Photoshop vs. Microsoft Paint (which is great for simple projects). TheĀ content library and interface make working inĀ Articulate much faster and enjoyable. The appearance of courses I have built in Articulate are far better than those I did in Claro. The support with Claro IS top notch, but the software capabilities and "extras" just aren't there, and you'll miss them if you are used to them now.

Claro is certainly not used as commonly as Articulate, but Articulate is NOT the only CAS out there. You could think of learning Claro as learning another tool, which could be beneficial.

All that being said, an authoring tool probably shouldn't be the only consideration with this new position. If there are several other positive aspects of the new company, maybe find out if they would be open to looking at other software.