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Steve Flowers

I'm running Storyline on my Macbook Pro through VMWare with Windows 7 and on my Macbook Air with Windows XP. Make sure you have plenty of memory. Max it out if you can. I wouldn't use the Macbook Air for anything heavy but the MBP with more memory runs SL GREAT!

Storyline published output can run on iPads.

Dave Newgass

I think I need to bone up on Parallels and VMware....I am not familiar with either.

My Toshiba laptop is struggling to keep up with what I am trying to do.  Sometimes the fan sounds like it's getting ready for take off and on a couple of occasions, the computer has overheated and shut down.

I am looking at a 27 inch iMac but we will see.  How does Apple's pricing structure work?  Does everybody charge the same for their machines?



Phil Mayor

I recently bought a 27 inch iMac.  Got a 10% discount at apple for business accounts.  Had to be a little sneaky because they don't offer discount for first purchases but will price match.  So went to another store got a quote and then copied in Apple.

Get your memory from crucial, I bought 16gb for £60 apples price was £240, really easy to install, in fact they will show you instore if you ask

Dave Newgass

Hello All,

I wanted to drag this back up to see what's new with Articulate, Apple, etc.....

What are some common issues you have run into?

Am I able to publish in a format that is iPad friendly AND Moodle friendly?  Our courses currently are Studio 09 and Moodle.

I have an iMac on the radar but don't know where to start!



Michael Heckman

I have used both Parallels and VMware, and have found both to be poor substitutes for running Windows 7 natively. Neither virtualization package renders graphics or the Windows UI as cleanly or accurately as going native. My solution was to toss Parallels and just use Bootcamp, partitioning the hard drive on my Macbook Pro. 

Switching operating systems completely is a pain sometimes. But the payoff is that Storyline runs very responsively. I have found no difference between running it this way and running it on my Windows 7 desktop PC at the office. 

Robert Spurgeon

When opening storyline in parallels 9, the graphics & fonts do appear correctly on the screen.  All fonts have been installed and graphics are coming from the built in templates.  They all get bunched up in the upper left corner of the canvas.  Trying to avoid using Bootcamp as all my graphics software is running in OSX 10.8.5