Using Articulate Storyline to promote a training curriculum (create a promo "video")?

Has anyone used Articulate Storyline to create a promotional "video" to highlight a new training curriculum, showing the training program's benefits and feature a few clips from some of the courses? I'd like to do this, splice it together and host it to promote a new program and was hoping someone had done something like it in Storyline before and had some tips for me. Thanks for the help.

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Beth

I am trying to do something similar at the moment, but for a new ICT application.  Whilst it is an elearning (to guide patients in ordering meals on their in-room TVs whilst in hospital) the main aim of it is to communication the business rules around ordering and troubleshooting (as opposed to a how-to instructional). 

I was thinking of using a product video style.  I am not very far into mine yet, but have been thinking about this Google video as an inspiration: 

Good luck with your build.

Regards Christine

Beth McGoldrick

So here is what I did. I created the "video clips" using Replay. Then I
imported the videos into Storyline where I had some text and other graphics.

Then I published the Storyline course. I opened Replay and had my Storyline
course run while I recorded it with Replay. Then I added an audio track
over the whole course and published it as an MP4. It worked pretty well. My
leaders are pretty impressed with what I was able to do within the program
without having to hire a video and editing crew.