Using Articulate to build games for live classrooms

I have been asked to build 'something' for use as a game in a live classroom.  I am looking at it as a challenge of using Articulate a little differently than usual since the presenter will be using the software projected on a screen rather than the learner navigating.  I'm thinking things like asking a question with tabs Engage interaction and the presenter clicks on the answer of general consensus or something like that, possibly using the learning games in Articulate as well.  I do have some flash games, but I'm not a flash developer so not as easy to customize those (though I can fill in the blanks to make them work).  I'm hoping the creativity of the Articulate community may have some better ideas though!

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Patti Bryant

Hey Kate!

The first thing that comes to my mind is the "Learning Games" button that displays on the Articulate tab in PowerPoint. There are a few to choose from.

Choices: Answer multiple choice questions until the time runs out. Maybe they could divide up into 2 teams and whoever answers the most questions in the time allotted wins.

Word Quiz: Reveal an answer one letter at a time. Maybe use it like Jeopardy.

Sequence: Ask learners what sequence something should be in and see if they are right at the end.

I hope this helps!