Using Articulate with Samsung Galaxy Tablet locally

Nov 28, 2011

Does anyone know if it is possible to view published Articulate files locally on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

We have some training to load onto the tablets and the employees won't always have a WIFI connection available so we were wondering how to get it to work with local files on the tablet.

Thank you!

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Jim Dickeson

Hi Margot,

Does your course have an Engage element inserted as a tab, more than likely a glossary? 

Articulate Presenter is designed to pre-load the next few slides.  This is why you typically only see the loading bar for the first slide.  (Makes me wonder,then, if you use hyperlink navigation in the slide, and don't go through the slides in their natural order, how would Presenter know what slides to pre-load?)

I don't believe that Engage interactions does not pre-load.  This is why you see the loading icon, a wheel this time, whenever you land on an Engage slide.  Frankly, I've gotten to the point where I don't use Engage, except for a glossary tab; I don't like the change in appearance and navigation method.  (Sorry, Jeanette.)

But when the Engage interaction is a tab, like a glossary, it has to load along with the first slide.  It caused my course (with a huge glossary) to bog down, sometimes never finish loading at all (overfill the buffer?).  Moreover, I wonder if the Engage glossary re-loaded with every slide advance, because all of my slides were bogged down.

I removed the glossary and republished, then loaded that onto the Galaxy and it worked just fine.  Now I'm only using the Galaxy to demo to a prospective client where a laptop would be inconvenient to carry around, so I can live without it.

Jim Dickeson

Margot:  ???  Not following you.

Phil:  Agreed.  My point is that, if the next two slides are pre-loaded, and you use an in-page hyperlink to five pages ahead, that fifth page will not have been pre-loaded.  When you stray from a linear slide progression, Presenter will never know what slides to load.  It's an amazing product, but it can't predict the future.  By the way, nice hair.  Do you drink a lot of coffee?

Margot Aswell

sorry. i don't have the articulate program - i am just an end user. i inferred that 'engage' is a particular feature of how articulate works and that file might be identifiable some way e.g. a suffix other than swf. if it did, then i could delete it. i also assumed because it does not fall within a sequence, then the rest of the presentation would still run.

i think phil's eyes are the real giveaway jim.

Jim Dickeson

Ah, I misunderstood.

Are you connecting to the internet via wifi service on the train?  I don't think the Dolphin browser is necessary for that - it is only really necessary to run a course that is physically loaded onto the device.  It may just be that the train isn't providing decent bandwidth to pull it all in.

Are you using the device's cell to connect to a cellular network?  Again, Dolphin shouldn't be necessary and it may just be to much data to move over that network.

Or have you actually loaded the course onto your device?  Here is where you would need the Dolphin browser.  When something is published in Articulate, it generates a whole slew of files.  What you actually launch is called player.html, and it pulls in various .xml and .swf files.  One problem might be that you might not have moved all of the files over to the Android device.  Another problem might be that there are some absolute links - go to this spot on your hard drive - instead of relative links - go to folder x in the same folder as the player.html and in that folder get file y

I suggest you discuss this with whoever produced the course.

Margot Aswell

Jim and Phil, I've had an exciting morning. Been in many forums and found a web browser with Flash that also acts as a file manager - xScope. Navigated to the USB stick through the "mnt" directory and opened player.html. It's working perfectly so Jim was right about me not copying across all necessary files. I'll copy the next unit across to the external SD and I'll have the perfect study tool for the train. Hope all this helps someone else in the future too. Regards Margot

Christine Coughlin

Jim Dickeson said:

Here's something else worth noting.  Using the stock browser (that came with the Galaxy), all Articulate publications display a little too large, with the nav buttons hidden "below the fold".  One can scroll, rather swipe, down, but then the top is chopped off.  I've found no way to re-size - pinching doesn't seem to work.

Jim, you can press and hold your finger on the screen until an option pops up to be able to put it in full-screen mode to see all the controls on the skin. 

Jim Dickeson


Glad to hear it's working for you.  Once in a while, even I actually know what I'm talking about.


Thanks.  I actually kind of figured that out.  Only it didn't appear to be working because the device was so bogged down with my massive glossary.  After removing the glossary, it worked.


I hope I didn't offend.  I actually like your avatar.

Keith Tyler-Smith

Hey Jim

It's now 2 years since this conversation was started, is there anything new to report.

I'm in a situation where we need to provide Articulate eLearning resources for learners who don't have ready access to the internet. We are thinking that perhaps we can provide Android tablets with the Articulate resources pre-loaded.

It seems as if this is a possibility, but it would be useful to be aware of any issues or considerations that need to be taken account of..

Your thoughts, or those from anyone else that has experience with this idea, would be mush appreciated.



Jim Dickeson

Hi Keith,

I got it working with the Dolphin browser and loading the course directly onto the tablet.  Point was I wanted to demo courses in places where there might not be an internet connection. such as the exhibition floor of a trade show.  It works, but it's clunky.

I don't know if I'd recommend it for actual training because of all the data that has to pass back and forth to an LMS.

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