Using Articulate with Win 7 and Parallels on Mac

Hey All.  I am running Win 7 on my Macbook Pro via Parallels.  I use Articulate a lot in my course development.  Anyone have any tips/things to avoid for working with this set up?

Also, I'm assuming I should have a separate virus protection software installed for the Win 7 side in addition to what I have on the Mac OS side?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Natalia Mueller

Hi David. I've been considering parallels so I can use my Mac for Articulate projects so I've bookmarked a couple forum discussions on the topic that may help. Here is a community conversation on the topic. And here is a broader Mac discussion.

There are more than that, too. You can type "Mac" or "Parallels" in the the forum search field and get all kinds of stuff