Using Dials in Quiz Question: Dial Selection Not a Response

After watching the webinar on "Using Dials" the other day, I was inspired to try a few things. The demo showed how to use selected quiz responses to provide dynamic feedback on a dial graphic; in my project, I'm trying to go the other way: using the dial position to select the quiz response. I was mostly successful, but I'm struggling to "seal the deal" on my attempt to use the position of the dial (and corresponding value for it's variable) to equate to a "Selected" response among "Pick from Many" quiz response options.

Everything seems great, until clicking "Submit".  The program provides feedback saying "You must complete the question before submitting." 

A "Selected" state of the correct object on the slide apparently doesn't equate to a quiz "Choice". Obviously, I'm missing a critical link (trigger) in the logic to seal the deal!


Can anyone help me see what I'm missing?! 

NOTE: I started with the 12 segment/360-degree "Dial Starter Kit" slide. Don't get too caught up in my hacking away to get at my vision in this strawman!

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Brad Pepin

@Michael Hinze - Thank you so much!  I thought I had lost my mind!  I have learned from this that sometimes the trigger just simply  doesn't work, and if I have confidence in how it's designed, that I should test re-creating a few just to make sure!  Appreciate you loaning me your experience and wisdom!  ~Brad