Using Likert Scales within a Course that Are Not Connected to An LMS

Hi All,

I just completed a demo that uses a likert-type scale for an in-course self assessment (ELC #291).  I found it kind of unwieldy to create, but it seems to work.  I has a scale 0-3, 8 items to score, and a number variable to count-up your score.  Does anyone have a better idea how to do this?  Or is there a built-in template somewhere in the Content Library I am missing? This is not a big issue for me but it comes up on occasion because I like including self assessment tools on one page (instead of forcing the use of a multiple slide quiz).

Articulate team--I have never seen likert scales as a topic in the weekly learning sessions.  I would attend if this topic were on the schedule.  Thanks all!  

Here's my demo on sleep disorders that uses a likert scale--4th slide :

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Jodi,

I'm sorry, I must've skimmed over your message and missed that you needed a score. I just saw that you weren't using an LMS and assumed that a score wasn't necessary. Sorry about that! If you need a score, the built-in one won't work for you.

I see what you mean about this being a little unwieldy, there are a lot of variables and triggers involved! But unfortunately, I don't see an easier way. I'm curious to see if other community members have any ideas!

Another thing I thought I'd mention is that when I got to the symptoms slide, I initially thought there was some sort of problem, and that the bullet points weren't loading. It wasn't immediately obvious to me that I needed to click on the circles. I would maybe include an on-screen instruction, to make that more clear.

Love the way this looks! Great job.

Jodi M. Sansone

Allison, thanks for checking and I appreciate the feedback.  You know, it's funny, I was going to add some instructions on clicking those ovals on the symptoms slide but I feel like I overdo the instructions sometimes, so I left them off! :)  This is why it's good to do a pilot so you know what your learners need.  I have some time off this month so maybe I'll see if I can come up with a likert type interaction that is easier to use.  I like self-assessments so I'll play around and share some ideas.  Thank you!