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Kayla Burtch

A couple "outside the box" ideas beyond just simple number based questions:

A question that asks "how many of the following are correct/incorrect"

A picture of an area with safety infractions that asks "How many safety infractions do you see" (This could then go to a secondary question using the same picture and "multiple answer" boxes above different objects in the picture, where they then tick the safety infractions)

That's all I have for now, I'm sure all the wonderful people on this forum have some more great ideas.

Louise H

I've used them for questions such as "In what year was.....", and also providing a calculation and they input the answer. I only use it when there's a very specific answer.

From experience it's worth being clear in your instructions that they should enter whole numbers (if that is the case), or to how many significant figures, especially if using it for a calculation.