Using offline folders in Windows to develop e-learning

Hi all. It's a long time since posting here, been super busy doing other things (i.e. training). 

My question is to anyone who uses windows offline folders to save Storyline files you are working on in. 

Now, I always work on e-learning development files locally on my laptop, because I know issues can arise from saving to a network. However, I am paranoid about my computer crashing, getting stolen etc. so I manually save the local file to the server "when I remember". See the flaw? I'm now paranoid I won't remember.

On Windows7 I tried using an offline folder to save courses in, but even when I "disconnected" the folder from the network using its property settings, I would encounter problems with my e-learning courses (corruption). There seemed to be no way of completely disconnecting from the network other than physically disconnecting your computer from it. 

My question is this. I am now on Windows10 Professional and am wondering if anyone has tried the above technique to save files, and how successful you were? Any tips? Thanks.

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