Using one drop down menu to populate the next drop down and create triggers when user selects a particular option

What I want to achieve

The student should select from the first dropdown a risk. From the second drop down a type of control. The combination of these two should auto populate all possible controls for that risk and type of controls. They select the control they want to learn more about.

Why I prefer using drop down menus

I think the drop downs are a more user friendly way of giving the student a way to find quickly the control they want to learn about from a very large number of potential controls. 

What the trigger should do

The trigger should highlight a new layer which gives a high level summary of the controls and its use, plus link to video's and further downloads (e.g. instructions in writing)

If you have any experience or ideas on how to create this I would be grateful if you can share it with everyone on this forum.


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Sanduni Fernando

Hi Hans,

I believe you can refer Christine Hendrickson's example in this thread here.

You can make the second drop down in hidden state and make it normal when the user selects the correct option from the first drop down. And when the user selects the correct option from the second drop down, show the layer you want.

Let me know if you need further assistance.