Using Rise (Desktop view) for Face to Face Training

Hi all,  

I want to use Rise not only for mobile learning but for my Face to Face training where we use an interactive projector. However, the size of the fonts and the general layout is not helping.

Do you have any experience using Rise (Desktop view) to project Face to Face training?



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Joanne Chen

I use Rise as a training aid in my face to face training lessons especially for software training. My learners will need to practice by using the softwart to accomplish different tasks during the class. Because they need the full screen to do what they need to do with the software, so it's a good way that they can use their mobil to open my Rise lesson to see what tasks they need to accomplish and have each task item checked when things done.

No sure what's your problem. You should have good font size no matter what device it plays, unless you add storyline in Rise.  

Vrinda Sejpal

Thanks Joanne!

Let try explaining more about my problem. I do mobile where Rise works nicely. However, on my face to face I use a Dell S520 interactive projector @ 90" (diagonal screen) image size. I can't get enough from Rise editing to look okay in full screen mode.

I am moving from Gomo to Rise. I do love Rise, but I am seeing a limitation for face to face (that Gomo did not have).

Thanks, any idea is appreciate it.