Using Screenr for proprietary information

Hi,  we are looking at using screenr for some of our quick eLearning topics, however there are some topics that contain proprietary information which we don't want out on the public domain.  Is there a way to use screenr and not have the content available to public sites?

We also looked at downloading the mp4 files but this format isn't able to be viewed on all computers (file format not recognized).  Any suggestions as we really like the idea of screenr, but need to make sure that it is reliable and secure.


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Gerry Wasiluk


For now you are probably sort of stuck.  The lack of private options has been discussed and requested in the Screenr forums:

We recommend our folks not use Screenr for confidential material even if they will be downloading the MP4 and then deleting.

Is converting the MP4 to another format an option?

Kellie Johnston

Thanks for posting this question, Andrea, and for your answer Gerry. I had the same question. I really wanted to use Screenr for our screencasts, but our system has confidential information it. I think Screenr's end product is so much cleaner and authentic than Capitvate, which is my other option. I was really hoping there may have been a work around.