Using SharePoint and Articulate

Our training team is training to create a content library using SharePoint 2007.  We want to checkin and out .pptx  and .ppta files using versioning.  SharePoint 2007 does not read zip file, so we cannot use the Articulate Package.  When we try to move or copy a course into SharePoint (even in Explorer View), it says it is read only or we lose audio.  Do you have any help or suggestions with this?

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Jessica Demasi

SharePoint wasn't made to store these types of files, unfortunately. Our team uses our network drive and the "send as articulate package" to store and share presentations. A product that does work for content sharing is RoboSource Control, but it's an Adobe Product and is designed for storing Adobe RoboHelp projects, though I did test and it works with Articulate files as well.