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May 04, 2012

This is a little off the `e learning zone'. But I am assuming that most of us also have `Communications' function as well in the portfolio.

I am given a project to study the potential of social media (mainly Linked In, Facebook and Twitter), and how best to utilize them (may be as an advertising / networking tool to bring in ROI). Do you guys have any tips / experience/ advice to share with me?

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anick teasdale

Hello Poornima,

Social media are for sure a good way to increase your web presence. It could also be a very usefull tool for advertising and networking, if used properly. However, it may be very time consuming if you don't include it in a larger communication strategy.

About the ROI, we could compare it to a newspaper advertising: it depends on numbers of factors!

They  are many ways to use social media for business purpose, and that's why it's hard for me to give you some specifics advices. That said, there is a couple of general things I could say:

  • Use social media to serve your communication strategy : that's implies to have a strong communication strategy
  • Do not use social media only when you have something to advertise: your followers will feel spamed, and could stop follow you
  • Post new stuff many times a week
  • Keep in mind that what you post is written and could be seen by anybody: so be carefull on what you post.

hope it's help

Shwetha Bhaskar

Hi Poornima, wrt using social media as a tool to bring in ROI, you could check out some web/digital analytics blogs. For e.g. I like Avinash Kaushik's blog, not sure as to the extent of information you're looking for but there is some pretty detailed stuff on there:

If you search for 'Twitter', 'Facebook' or whatever else you are looking to research, you ought to find some relevant posts...

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