Using Storyline as a resource repository for Job Aids

Good day! 

I am building training content for an organization that wants to use them more as quick help/how to videos rather than courses for training the software or demoing the software. Limited interactions and more clips for quick reminders on how to accomplish tasks. They want videos to capture processes and they want a job aid for each topic, accessible within the Storyline 360 course. I thought about having just a Storyline course with buttons to the individual job aids. Is there a limit of resources that you can have associated to one storyline 360 course? Is this an effective use of the Storyline 360 course development software? I would love some thoughts on this and any limits, limitations, etc with having a job aid repository like this using Storyline 360. The content would be stored on the client's own web server. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Brooke,

As far as I know there's no limit to the number of resources you can include in a Storyline 360 course.

Another option would be to record the screencasts in Storyline 360 and then create a Rise 360 course to house all the videos and the job aids.

I'm curious to see what others think is the best option here!

AFCENT Medical Operations Support  Team

Thank you both so much! This has been really helpful! It's appreciated. I really like Rise as well. I need to do more research into what the publishing options are for Rise but just the little that I've investigated it I really like the output. Thanks again for the support! 

Ulises Musseb

Question: where is the SL published file hosted? I ask because if you are using a LMS to publish and host the SL content, then there' no need to use SL at all as a repository of job aids. The LMS should be capable of hosting and make all the videos findable in a catalog. That's one of the core functions of any LMS.

To me it looks like you are trying to use SL to do the work that the LMS natively does. People shouldn't need to go through the course every time that they need performance support.

AFCENT Medical Operations Support  Team

I agree. Unfortunately, this customer doesn't have access to an LMS at this time. They want to host it on their own webserver for that local site to access. In the future we may host it on their website but an LMS is not no the books at the moment. 

I wanted to integrate some of this into the help of their software but that doesn't seem to be an option either, unfortunately. 

2Training Loan

If it is a lot of content, building structures is easier in RISE, but at the same time if you have a lot of content it might be better to look into how to use the new SL 360 function, media library. That way you will get a list of all content  ( i assume including links) and can do updates fairly easy. When/ if Rise get the same media library function i would choose RIse for that type of job, every day of the week :)