Using Storyline to create more than just drag and drops...

May 15, 2012

One of the changes of eLearning is how to allow your learners to practice physical processes in a virtual environment. Specifically I wanted my learners to be able to practice using a fire extinguisher as part of their fire safety training, but most companies are going to balk at letting everyone in the office use up a fire extinguisher practicing on a simulated fire out in the parking lot. So this is what I came up with...

Fire Extinguisher Training - P.A.S.S. 

Pass.Story (Dropbox)

I think this type of training has value base on the research of guided visualization for sports performance that shows thinking through a process helps build experience and confidence. What do you think?

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Sam Lincoln

Charles, an excellent use of SL. What I particularly liked was that I failed to extinguish the fires and received instant feedback but I couldn't quite work out what I was doing wrong (I was not moving the extinguisher over the base of the fires). I had to work that out for myself rather than receive further instruction and that enhances learning. Unfortunately my hands got burned so I now need instruction on how to deal with that (hand under running tap etc but the soothing kiss of a good woman might be difficult to replicate even for SL!).

Great job with the demonstration and thanks for the explanation screenrs.