Using Storyline to develop Explainer Videos

I've previously used Vyond (formally GoAnimate) to develop animated Explainer Videos and animated videos on a variety of topics, then imported to Storyline. Whilst I love Vyond, I feel it has some limitations due to file sizes, our branding capabilities etc. At the moment, this is not on the scope to be introduced at my organisation, so I'm looking for alternatives.

I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to make an animated video purely in Storyline and how they went in terms of the animation capabilities etc? I have recently been playing around and developed one, however, I'd love to get some other opinions.

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Andrea Mandal

I've done one, about a minute long. I used very basic animations - mostly fade in/out and fly in/out. I created my own hand-drawn (ok Illustrator-drawn) graphics. I do wish that there were options to manipulate text as in Flash and I *really* wish that there was a background audio library (feature request!!)


Troy Ashman

How did you find the process? I made a video about 1 min with a base layer and then layered on top so that music would play throughout, as you can’t play music across slides.

Agree with background audio library! Check out the YouTube audio library, there’s some neat tracks over there.