Using the Canvas LMS with SCORM


I have seen a few posts about using the Canvas LMS and having problems with the lack of SCORM support, but none were very recent. So I wanted to know if anyone has any advice about this problem, or has been able to use Canvas successfully?

One of the posts listed a link to a program which converts from SCORM to the system Canvas uses ( and I also wondered if anyone had tried to use that? It had a 2008 date on its web page, so am not sure how current it may be.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks, Mary

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Kate Wareham

Hi Mary,

I looked into using Canvas with Storyline a couple of months ago, and I believe the official line was that Canvas doesn't officially support Storyline (or at least didn't at the time of my research).  We're using Docebo as our LMS at the moment and it's working really nicely for us.