Using variables and LMS

I've built a course and am using a menu and some variables.  I understand that scorm would keep the bookmarking.  So my question is if you had entered my name and a few items or entry points, when I exit the course in the middle would the course or LMS remember the variables for that course.  Is it a publish setting or something else that I would have to do.

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Richard Watson

Doug, I've done some basic testing with SCORM Cloud with simple variables.

After exiting the course, I noticed it kept the learner's name (variable) and a few other variables I had in place. Keep in mind this was not extensive testing just a quick check a few weeks ago.

The amount of information that will be maintained, of course has to do with the Maximum Suspend Data size setting (via LMS).



Pedro Fernandez

I just published a course that used 40 variables and it saved the values of each variable regardless of whether or not I cleared my cache.

I published the course to an LMS and it worked well. No matter how many times I left the course and came back (same hour, few days later), the variables kept their values.