Using Variables to Create a Conditional Form and Output

Greetings! First time posting, however I attended an Articulate Heroes road show and it was amazing! I am looking for some help or advice putting together a form with four 'either/or' inputs and a submit button. Based on the in puts entered by the learner it should provide a specific output. Just as a rough example:

- Choice #1: A or B

- Choice #2: C or D

- Choice #3: E or F

- Choice #4: G or H

Leaner chooses A, D, F, and G and clicks 'Submit"

Based on the inputs (A, D, F, G) the output (slide) is specific based on the input.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

Ethan Evans-Hilton

Sr. Instructional Designer


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ethan!

Welcome to the community! If I have understood correctly, you'd like to have these 4 questions on a single slide, ask the learners to select their answers and then branch to a different slide depending on the combination of choices they have selected.

While this is technically possible through the use of number variables and triggers to branch to slides, it would be labor-intensive because of the number of possibilities. In effect, you would have to create a variable, a slide and a trigger for each possible combination (ADFG, BDFG, ADEG, BDEG, etc). You would need to assign a different number value to each possible combination, and then create a trigger for each one on the submit button that says jump to slide X if the variable is equal to Y. 

In this scenario, is there a correct answer? If so, why don't you just branch to one slide if it correct and another if it is incorrect, no matter which incorrect answers were selected?

Another way to do this would be to have each question on a separate slide, and branch to a one of two slides based on their answer. To do that, you would not even need to use variables, as you could just set one answer to the "correct" answer, and the other to the "incorrect" answer and then define your branching options in the feedback layers.

Hope that is helpful! 


Matthew Bibby

Hi Ethan,

This can definitely be done.

  • Set up four text variables called Choice1, Choice2, Choice3, and Choice4.
  • When the user selects A for Choice1, have it change the value of Choice1 to A - set this up for each of the inputs.
  • Create another slide that has a blank base layer and a number of other layers that contain your feedback (e.g., Feedback1, Feedback2, Feedback3 etc).
  • When the submit button is pressed, have it point to the new slide and have the following logic on the base layer:
    • If Choice1 is A and Choice2 is C and Choice3 is F and Choice4 is G, show layer 'Feedback1'.
    • If Choice1 is A and Choice2 is C and  Choice3 is F and Choice4 is H, show layer 'Feedback2'.
    • etc. (you will need lots of these to cover all possible options).

This way, when the Submit button is pressed the user will be taken to the blank base layer where the above logic will determine which feedback to show them.

Hope that helps!