Using Variables to Create a Decision Matrix

I am using Articulate 360 to build an imaging decision matrix as part of a larger learning module.  I am trying to do this using variables but I am quite new to the process.  At each decision point, a Yes/No button opens up a new layer.  The learner needs to see what happens when they click both yes and no.  I have added triggers to the buttons and True/False variables to each layer.  At the first decision point, if the learner clicks no before yes, everything runs how it should. However, if the learner clicks yes before no, the next option doesn't appear.  I can't quite figure out why and I would really appreciate some assistance.  Thanks. 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Andrea,

I like the principle of what you are trying to achieve, but I think you are making it more complicated than it needs to be. I will be able to have a better look later on today, but in the meantime, what I would say is that I think you would find it much easier if you only added items to your layers that were not already on your base layer and then used state changes to control what is visible when you need it.

As a quick example, I have amended your original file (see attachment) for the initial "No" selection by deleting everything from the "Remove mask and reposition patient" layer except for the text box and the text-to-speech component.

I have added a trigger to your base layer to hide Text Box 8 (are couch adjustments . . .) when the user clicks on "No".

I have also added another trigger to the "Remove mask" layer to change the state of Text Box 8 back to Normal when the timeline ends

The final thing I have done is to uncheck the "Hide objects on base layer" check box in the "Remove mask" layer properties.

I will endeavour to provide a more detailed response later,  but in the meantime, I hope this helps.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Andrea,

Whether or not you make any of the changes I have suggested above, the answer to your initial question appears to lie in the way you revisit layers.

If you first click on "No", and then click on "Yes" the next time you have to make the decision, each layer is only visited once and hence everything appears to be working okay. On the other hand, if you first click on "Yes", then "No" and, subsequently "Yes" or "No" again, that layer is being visited for a second time and this is where your problem appears to occur.

You have an option in the layer properties dialogue box to select what happens when a layer is revisited and this is set to Automatically Decide by default. As a result, your layers are not resetting when revisited and so the timeline continues indefinitely from where it left off, which prevents your audio replaying and your layer closing back down again. To get round this problem, all you need to do is to select the Reset to Initial State option and all should hopefully be okay.

I ran a quick test on the Apply and Reimage layer and it appeared to be fine, so hopefully that will solve your problem.

If you are still having issues, please don't hesitate to get back to me here.