Using video as the foundation for skill based courses

I'm a video producer creating content for early education teachers. I want to build courses that explore new ways of using video. I know how to create professional linear video and how to place it in courses. I don't know how to re-think the format - how to integrate interactivity, branching, video-based assessment, etc. to develop engaging presentations built around video. I'm looking for advice about how to find an articulate instructional designer to guide me through the process of developing engaging, effective, video-based courses.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Dan: If you are looking to hire an Articulate pro to show you the ropes (consult with you), off the top of my head and in no particular order I recommend super heroes Phil Mayor, Bruce Graham, and Nancy Winoski (pinched head), Stephanie Harnett. You'll find them in this forum. 

Video for elearning is pretty straightforward: there's branching videos, first person video, interactive video (kinda), and of course the en vogue 360 video.