Using visited states to hide and reveal navigation buttons

Jul 17, 2017

Is it possible to hide custom next/previous buttons until the states of my five buttons that launch light boxes all equal "visited"? I looked at the variable options but do not see how to add the logic. This is to force the user to view all the videos.

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Ashley Chiasson

See attached. Click all five buttons, and then the next button will appear.

Yes - this is possible with custom navigation buttons. To do this, create your custom button, and add a trigger that changes the state to Hidden when the timeline starts. Then, add another trigger that changes the state of the custom button to Normal when the state of all necessary buttons are 'visited'.

The problem here is that it won't 'force' the users to watch all the videos in your light boxes. They just need to open/visit them (they can close the lightbox without watching the entire video and it will still register the button as Visited).

To force the video to completion as a requirement on each lightbox slide, I would:

- Create a True/False variable for each video (e.g. Video 1), with a default set to False.

- Add a trigger on the video slide that adjusts variable to True when the Media Completes (the video). 

- On the button slide, add conditions to your change state of the custom button to Normal when the state of all necessary buttons are visited IF variable for each video is equal to True.

Does that make sense? It's early. I haven't had coffee yet, so if it doesn't, please let me know!

Michael Bauer

This sounds great Ashley. I would do the same.

Also, just a tip Peter: If you use a lightbox slide, and the learner closes their course whilst on that slide watching a video, if your course is set up to prompt to return to that slide when they open the course next, it won't show as a lightbox and will show as a normal slide. This was in Storyline 2 by the way, haven't tried it in 360. This is why I stopped using lightboxes.

If this still happens, I recommend just having a different layer for each video. Ashley's instructions above will still work for that too :)

Peter Burn

Rained out so no shooting today ,darn it.  Anyway, tried the layers out before adding code.  If the user wants to watch a clip again, the video in the layer is not rewinding.  Please tell me where I set the video to rewind upon media = complete.  This is being done with SL2 because Client does not have SL3 yet and will not consider 360 subscription.


Peter Burn

The only workable solution is to make a scene for each segment's video clips and put one clip per page in dedicated scene, with previous/Next disabled and a trigger to return user to "menu" slide in main scene onMediaComplete.  I tried the layers, no joy.

I know it is a simple thing to drag the seek bar back to start but so many of the New Hires are unfamiliar with computers and would never figure it out.

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