Vancouver Island/Victoria User Group

I had also coordinated our Vancouver Island group (I live half way in between). These were the topics that came up:

Tech related:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Javascript
  • More on Tin Can API

Workflow related:

  • freelance business admin
  • work practices (working from home - how to manage your day)

If you are interested in getting together sometime in June, respond in this thread.  

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Kima  Jones

Hi, I have a friend who always stays at the Days Inn on 921 West Pender. She likes it. You can walk to BCIT and it's reasonable for a hotel that's right downtown. If you wanted to pay less,  look at staying outside the downtown core, as long as you were near a skytrain station, it would be a quick journey in. 

Look forward to seeing you again. Maybe the Island group could meet up for a beer after the conference. 

Holly MacDonald

Hi all - so I was not able to get my act together for a get together this week. Next week is too short of notice for folks and I'm in Toronto the following week. How would Monday, October 26th work for folks? I think 4:00 - 6:00 would be best timing for me (so I can make the 7 pm ferry home).  

We'll meet at Reliable Controls again, at 120 Hallowell Road. There is plenty of parking on the street or at Admirals Walk shopping Centre.  (and the Moka House is there if you want to grab coffee or a snack on your way.) You have to buzz in at the gate at the bottom of the stairs, and then again at the top of the stairs.  :)

Since this is someone's office, please RSVP to so we know how many are coming.

Again, we'd do a design jam and I'll suggest we do this one:

So come up with something to show and tell that afternoon. I'd strongly recommend trying something and even if you get stumped bring your computer and story file along and we can help you through the rough patches.



Holly MacDonald

Teresa - you are more than welcome to attend both Victoria and Vancouver. Here's the Vancouver info in case that works better for you and Danny:

Look forward to seeing you at either/both!


Christopher Rozitis

HI Holly

Thank-you... I think I just saw the word Vancouver and not the rest
(Island/Victoria). I like the topic you are going to discuss -
'Engagement'. Anyways...Last year, I made an activity for online teachers
that shows some research on how to engage online learners. Here is the link

Patrick Giommi

Hello Everyone,

I have a contact who is looking to fill two temporary/contract opportunities (I believe it to be local - Vic/Van).

1. A learning consultant, full time, 6 months

2. Instructional Designer/Facilitator, Oct - Mar 31st 2016

That's all I have; wish I had more info. Regrettably, these overlap my current project(s) so they've asked me for some names. If you're interested, shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch.


Terry Bell

It's beginning to look like today is not the best day for a get-together, unfortunately.

Let's try to schedule another day.  If we keep the same time, please post and let us know what day(s) work for you in the next couple of weeks.  I can do Thurs (29th), Tues (3rd), Thurs (5th), or Fri (6th).

Jim Arbon

So is today definitely cancelled / postponed? I can leave the office
at 4pm now so could still get there for most of the meeting, but will
stay for an extra half hour if we're moving it to another day.

I'm pretty flexible on when works. I just need to take a half hour
lunch so that I can leave at 4pm.

I have an interesting update on my work situation, but I'll save that
for another thread :)


Holly MacDonald

So sorry that we had to cancel yesterday. I could not get away and there were just not enough people to make it worthwhile.

I'm not sure what the easiest way to select a date is. I can't do any of the days that you've suggested Terry. 

The week of Nov. 16th or Nov 23rd could work for me. 

Kima -you could consider coming to the Vancouver meeting on Tuesday, November 3rd  

Hope to see you all soon!