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May 07, 2015

We've had a couple of meetings and I'm the keeper of the emails and lists, but would rather use a collaborative space. If you want to be part of our group, you can reply to this thread (or email me directly if you want: holly at sparkandco dot ca).

A group of us met this week and we shared some resources that I'd like to put up here.

I've proposed that we meet again the week of July 20th. 


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Janis Fair

Thanks for organizing this Holly! I filled it in, but I'm actually very flexible around days of the week (and times to some extent.)

Janis Fair | Online and Technology Coordinator - Language College - LINC
501 - 333 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1
T: 604-684-2561 Ext. 2156 | F: 604-684-2266 |


Deborah Barnes

Hello Holly,

It's my first time here and was wondering if I could join the group.  My company recently purchased Articulate Storyline and as the Instructional Designer I will be creating new elearning courses and could use a group like this to give me insight and share ideas.  Looking forward to learning from you all and connecting with other learning professionals in Vancouver.

Thank you,


Kima  Jones

Welcome Deborah, 

The Vancouver group is very supportive and Holly especially has a wealth of knowledge.  We usually meet once every 6 or 8 weeks. The broader Articulate community is the best resource; I have yet to have a problem I couldn't find an answer to either by typing some keywords into the search window at the top of the E-Learning Heroes home page or by posting a question. 

Look forward to meeting you at our next meet-up. 

Holly MacDonald

Hi Deborah! 

Look forward to our next meeting - will try for January.

Your note reminded me that someone else contacted me looking for some others to get input from. His organization is considering switching to Storyline and would like to talk to those who are in crown corps or government orgs and that could provide some input their buying decision. If that sounds like anyone else in the group, please email me holly at sparkandco dot com and I'll put you in touch.


PS - thanks for the kind words Kima. Just what I needed today to counterbalance the yuckiness of my cold.

mikki herbold

Hi Deborah
We are always so glad to have another person join the group for ideas and encouragement, I need all the help I can get!
Really looking forward to meeting you at our next get together probably after Christmas.
Take care

Mikki Herbold
Online Learning Designer-Trainer
Academic Technology Services
Centre for Educational Information Technology
Douglas College
T: 604-527-5449
Twitter:@ATS Douglas

Deborah Barnes

Hi Melissa,

I used Articulate a long time ago (maybe 5 years ago).  I don't recall if it was Storyline or another version.  I remember it being fairly easy to use, so I am excited to see how Storyline 2 looks and functions.  Tech is installing it on my computer this week and new projects will be coming my way soon :) 


Kima  Jones

Hi Simon, 

Are you a member of Vancity? Is there a community room you could access for us, near a skytrain from about 5:00 to 6:30? As Chris mentioned, the VPL probably won't work because of their hours. 

Alternatively, we could just meet at a public place like a pub or restaurant, or if Mikki is still able to get us a room at Douglas College, that could work. Douglas is just 5 minutes from the New Westminster skytrain station. The only problem I think we've had in the past is the campus is quite difficult to navigate and people have been late trying to find the room (I've attended many events there and still have problems finding my way around), but maybe we could get a campus map or Mikki could forward directions.   

Just some thoughts, open to others :) 

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