Variable images in course

I wonder is anyone has any tips on how I could have different images showing on particular slides in a course depending on a selection at the start.

For example a first aid course for Builders and one for office staff would have the same actual content but to make it more visually relevant imagery would show according to the initial selection where if Building is selected at the start then pictures in some slides are of a building site and if office staff then pictures of office environments.

I wonder if this could be done with variables or states or perhaps there is another way of doing this.

Any tips would be much appreciated



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Dave Cox

Hi Gary,

I recently built an Emergency Action Plan course for multiple locations. Like your course, I needed to show different evacuation maps, and contact lists depending on the user's location. All of the other content in the course was pretty much the same. 

The way I did this was to ask the user for their location, and set that location in a variable. I used a map with some hotspots to set my variables, but you could do it with radio buttons as well. 

For the slides that needed custom content, I left the base slide blank, and added triggers to display the correct layer based on the location variable. This way I had custom content for each location, all in the same course. With this setup you can customize the layer that displays as much as you need.

Annette Downing

I would create a variable of building and another for office and have it set to false, When they click on the building or office have it change the variable to true. On the slides where the images change set a trigger to show "building picture" when variable building is true or show "Office picture" when office is true when timeline starts.


You absolutely can do this in exactly the way you described. I just put together a quick demo for you. On slide 1, you choose "your guide"; this sets the value of a variable. On slide 2, there is an image with 3 states: default, guide 2, and guide 3. The state of the image is controlled by the variable and set when the timeline starts. In other words, if you select guide 1, you see that guide on the next slide, if you select guide 2, you see 2, etc. Hope this makes sense.


One advantage I can see of using states instead of layers is that you can work on making edits all in one place (the base layer) and not have to make multiple updates to multiple layers.  I can move objects or change the text and it will carry through regardless of which scenario is chosen. However, as Dave pointed out, using layers instead of states gives you a "blank canvas" to do much more customization for each scenario. That is what I love about StoryLine; there is often more than one way to accomplish something and you just need to find the way that best fits your current needs.