Variables Help!!

OK it's late and it's been driving me nuts, so I'm pleading to the gurus once again.
Variables please lovely people. I want a 'continue' button to appear when and only when my readers have visited four slides. I have set my triggers on each of the four slides to change from true to false when the user clicks next, all my pathways lead back to the main slide where the continue button is located. The trigger changing the state of the continue button from hidden to normal is set. I have added conditions on the variables to include all the slides going from false to true.
I have checked and re-checked everything and I can't find the fault.
Anybody please offer me some help.
Thank you

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Nicole Legault

Hey Trevor

Glad you were able to get it sorted out. As mentioned by Muhammad, when you run into an issue like this it helps if you can upload the story file, or even just the slide in question. This way we can have a look and figure out what's happening.

Just in case it might still be helpful for you, here's an article about how to use variables to track if a slide is visited. Also, since you're working with variables and having to troubleshoot your projects, you might find this list helpful: 3 Tips for Troubleshooting Advanced Storyline Interactions. And also please read this article, it's got really useful tips that everyone should know: Follow These Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Corrupting or Losing Project Files

Best of luck to you Trevor :) We're always here to help if you run into any other issues or have more questions.