Vertical scroll bar for video


I'm not sure if this is possible but my client wishes to have a vertical scroll bar for a video. The idea is to mimic the way surgeons view CT scans with a vertical slider similar to this:

I know this would work in an image format with 100 images each on different layers, is it possible for this to work in a video format?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Probably the easiest solution:

  • Export the video frames as images and then create a vertical slider that would change the images. That gives you the best control and is the easiest to build.

You can rotate a video with a playbar. But I just tested and the playbar isn't quite as responsive. Here's how to rotate a video. This would mean you've have to set the video up to be rotated.

There are customizable video players on the internet. I've not seen a playbar that is vertical, but perhaps it's possible.  

There are some smart developers in the community that may have some ideas.

Do you have a sample video? It would be interesting to experiment with some ideas.