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Oct 03, 2013

Hi All

I had my first go of shooting a video for e-learning recently and unfortuantely I did not take into account the sound quality which may come out.  Is anyone able to advise on a programme which sorts out the sound quality within a video?  I already use audacity for voiceovers however I need something for video's not just sound files.  Any suggestions?

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Daniel Brigham


I've done some screen recording with Camtasia and was pleased with the audio quality and the way it separates the audio so you can tweak the volume, etc. Then again, I've got a good condenser mic and pre-amp.

If you want good video sound, though, you'll really have to invest in good microphones and perhaps a mixer or pre-amp. The type of mic will depend on the situation to some degree. --Daniel

Bob S

Hi Clare,

You might want to invest in Sony's Movie Studio 12. This is the light duty/consumer version of Sony's outstanding Vegas editing suite and uses the same engine.

In addition to some really excellent video editing features, Movie Studio has a ton of audio editing effects/options too. These include multiple equalizers, compressors, smoothers, noise gates, and more. And all of these can be "chained" together in multiples if needed.

I think the program is only like $100-120.  Outstanding investment IMHO as you get a first class video editor AND good audio editing. Movie Studio even accepts many of the big boy pro-level add-in effects should you need to go there later. We have been super pleased with the results.

Hope this helps,


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