Video Camera Recommendations for Training Videos

I am looking to purchase a quality video camera to record training videos of automotive shop repairs as well as interviews and live training.  Is there a recommendation on the equipment I need to do all of these things, including bluetooth or collar clip mics? I want the videos also to have the flexibility to import into Articulate as well as part of branched learning scenarios.  I want to keep the price reasonable but also want the quality.  Thanks in advance.

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Kelly Meeker

Hey there! This question has come up a few times before and there's some great feedback in this Discussion: Need Camera Recommendation

Mike Enders, a member of Articulate's community team, is our resident expert on audio and video! You'll find lots of his tips and recommendations in this recap of his Ask Me Anything session. 

Hopefully other community members will chime in with their resources and recommendations!

Roger Blanchard

I've been looking at the DJI-osmo :

It would work great for shooting automotive shop repairs as it has a very nice built- in stabilizer and is small. The higher end model comes with different lenses...2 downsides are you need a smartphone to run it...and the audio is not great so you should buy a field recorder as well. Up side is you can also get a fallow focus attachment,  it shoots in 4K and it has some really nice features like time lapse & long exposure modes.

Other than that a lot of videographers are switching to shooting on a DLSR or mirrorless camera like the Panasonic GH4. They are more versatile as you can swap out different lenses, they are smaller in size and your footage looks awesome. Again there is an extra expense as you will want to add the multitude of accessories out there for better audio, stabilization etc. Lenses can get expensive.