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Karen Morrison

I had a similar problem.  I produced the video using Camtasia, which only uses profiles that Storyline should be okay with, but was unable to select no compression when I realized the video looked blurry in the published output. 

I chatted with a support rep who said the problem wasn't with the video - it was an issue with the project being corrupted. The advice was to revert to an earlier version of the project from before the problem occurred.  However, the problem started quite some time ago, as it turned out, so that wasn't really an option for me. 

I had some luck with removing the video, saving and closing the project, renaming the source file, opening the project, and inserting the renamed video, then selecting "None" for compression right away.  However, one of the re-inserted videos has since reverted to automatic compression.  I don't know why. So I'm thinking maybe this is something to do last, right before publishing.


Sarah Dantino

I had the same problem, I found another thread that said this could in part be caused by using the Storyline "edit video" window, which I had used to import so going back and inserting normally worked for one of my videos. But not all of them. 
So I went back to the Camtasia project and re-shared them all with "High" profiles instead of baseline, and that worked for the rest.