Video Encoder and MPEG-TS Files

Greetings - I am stuck. We bought a new video camera that outputs into MPEG-TS files. Video Encoder does not recognize these files so I cannot convert them for use in an online module. I am at my wits end. Not a real expert in this area. What do I have to do with these file types so that Video Encoder will recognize them and let me convert them for use? Thank you!

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Jeremy Alger

Hi Kevin,

I was pulling my hair out with this a few months back. I bought Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate via ebay for a good price. It is excellent and converts to any format. From memory I had to select de-interlace to get the video to convert smoothly. If you only have a few video files I am happy to convert them for you. Let me know if you need this help, and I can send my dropbox details.