Video Encoder and MPEG-TS Files

Greetings - I am stuck. We bought a new video camera that outputs into MPEG-TS files. Video Encoder does not recognize these files so I cannot convert them for use in an online module. I am at my wits end. Not a real expert in this area. What do I have to do with these file types so that Video Encoder will recognize them and let me convert them for use? Thank you!

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Mariano Aran

Hey Kevin.

Have you tried Handbrake?  It is free and you will be able to create MP4 with h264 codec to import directly into articulate

Once you have tweaked the settings to your liking, you can create a "preset" so next time all you have to do is select the 'preset' and convert.

I hope it helps.

Jeremy Alger

Hi Kevin,

I was pulling my hair out with this a few months back. I bought Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate via ebay for a good price. It is excellent and converts to any format. From memory I had to select de-interlace to get the video to convert smoothly. If you only have a few video files I am happy to convert them for you. Let me know if you need this help, and I can send my dropbox details.