Video Encoder does not encode...


I tried to publish an existing video clip (in wmv format) in Articulate Video Encoder, and I encountered for the following error :-

I tried to increase the virtual memory in my laptop to the max, but still encountered the same error. I also tried to preset the movie dimension to “Small”, but still can’t publish successfully.

Eventually, I had to download a freeware(from freestudio), that converts video files to FLV, and did the conversion using that. There is no problem with the conversion. 

Is there something that I am missing. Are there only specific versions of wmv that Video Encoder can address?



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Ananda Gupta

Hi Jeanette and David,

Sorry for late reply.

Regarding your questions :-

1)      So far, I’ve only tried two. One of the videos have this problem.

2)      Movie was done long time ago, so not sure how it was made. It was originally a .dat file, then converted to .wmv file.

File is around 13 MB.