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Mar 19, 2015

Hi Guys

This question is raising its head and I would like some feedback on this.

We are building a course using Articulate and we will be exporting to SCORM 2004 so our client can use the training in the LMS which is ISOTrain.

Our training is heavily built around videos so when we export to SCORM what format will the videos be created in?

So for example will someone be able to view them using Media Player, QuickTime, Flash etc.

Any feedback would be great.

Thank you :)

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Steve Flowers

Videos will be converted to MP4 / h.264. In the Flash based player, these will be played back in Flash. In the HTML5 player, these will be played back using the browser.

When you publish, it's a good idea to select HTML5 in addition to the Flash based output (default, you can't turn that off). The story.html file will detect the features available and try to launch in this order (it does this automatically, no effort required on your part if you publish to the additional platforms):

  • Flash
  • If no Flash, HTML5
  • If no HTML5 browser or Flash, it'll tell the user that they can't view it

If you have an iOS or Android device that supports the Articulate Mobile Player, the detection routine will provide the option to install / launch the output in the AMP if you've included this as an option in the publish settings.

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