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Hello all! I've been a Computers Science educator for over 8 years now. I teach AP Computers Science and Video Game design. My students are tired and fustrated with old fashion, boring power point presentation. I want to create an exciting and engaging course using the tools E-learinng has to offer. For instance videos, characters, graphics, etc. However I'm uncertain where to start!!! My game design course is the most popular class. Can anyone provide feedback on where to start? Additionally how can I implement my website with an E-Learning fuctionality.


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Math Notermans

As your website apparently uses Wordpress, that seems the startingpoint. Use Wordpress LMS (Learning Management System) plugins like shown here to transform your Wordpress into a LMS.

Personally i use ( and like ) this plugin by Brian Batt that really simplifies adding elearning content to your Wordpress site.

Next step is decide your rapid authoringtool ( Articulate Rise, Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora or one of the hundreds others ) and what you want to get back from your students datawise. If only success and score is needed...Scorm 1.2 and any tool suffices. If you need more precise data you might need Scorm 2004 or even xApi.

As your in the business of games and gamification its good to consider whether a tool can work with Unity content. If so that makes it 100% easier to create courses students can interact with. If you want your students to learn multiplayer games, and im sure you want... well that is possible with some of the authoring tools to. Even with Storyline.

Offcourse i can help with any step.
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Math Notermans