Video Ideas for next Storyline Project

So we are looking to capture 4 SME's on camera discussing big data, data strategy, etc... Total footage would be around 45 minutes; which is a ton of video and would be extremely boring for learners to sit through via a module or eLearning. 

I'm looking for ideas in which i could liven this up and make it more interactive. I've seen some of the interactive video examples - very cool - but not sure that would apply for this project because we are simply transferring knowledge and not instructing learners to do a particular action or task...

Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated as I am stumped;(


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Till Then

Well is hard to say

But 45 min is a lot of video (45 x 4 in fact)

One way could be to ask your SMEs questions. Then these in turn can be asked by the leaner with in the course. Giving them some level of engagement. Learner can select from a number of questions to pose to the SME's.


Q: "Why is Big Data strategy essentials for business and IT"

Click to here Response from SME 1: 

Click to here Response from SME 2: 

Click to here Response from SME 3: 

Click to here Response from SME 4: 

At the end of each video text could invite the leaner to listen to the remaining SME's views

Sorry its a little brief but that's one concept !

You also make it look as thought the learner was a on video call with the SME's. I don't know if that is too much of silly ploy! 

Anyways would like to hear what you come up with in the end!


Andrew Winner

I really like Trav's idea. Coaching the SMEs to keep their responses down to a manageable size of 1-2 minutes could also help deliver the important messages.

If you opt for a 'lecture' approach, another thing you could do is intersperse quizzes every 8-10 minutes or so to keep the learning listening actively. Some studies I've seen have shown that 10 minutes is about the maximum attention span for watching video via a computer. Periodically bringing the student's attention back could increase retention and reduce the risk of distraction. 

Joshua Roberts

I would split the video with illustrations or graphs to relate to the information they are discussing. It will also help the students visualise the information easier. 

As previously mentioned there is also the option to add some interactivity to the choices that the viewer can select. If you can ensure that the user will feel as though they are in control of how the 45 minutes are displayed to them you may help ease the worries of one solid block of content.