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May 17, 2019

Not a course-building question per se but hopefully someone here has some experience with this.  I had a client ask me about hosting a video in an LMS.  For whatever reason they don't want to embed the video in the course.  They want to know if they can add it to the LMS and require the student to view it as part of their required tasks, in addition to taking the course? 

This sounds reasonable to me but I have very limited LMS experience so I thought I'd ask here. It's Talent LMS, if that helps.


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Holley Berley

I don't use Talent but from my understanding most LMS' allow you to drop in an MP4.  Whether or not you can control the viewing of the media depends on the LMS.  In the case of my LMS, I can control how long a learner sits on a page, but I cannot control if they click the Play button... .so if they navigated to the page then walked away from their desk, I'd have no clue that they didn't even start the video before being able to move on.  However, I can import the MP4 into Storyline and fiddle with that in order to have more view control.  Rise360 also seems to have better control than my LMS, so long as you drop the video file directly in.

Be careful, some LMS' have limits to how much they will host for you.  That's one reason why embedding could be a better route.


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