Video Recording Equipment Recommendations?

Jul 23, 2012

I need some recommendations. I am looking to do some recordings, some might be an interview type recording where someone is standing up against a blank wall (or green screen type recording) and the other type would be me in the field recording someone at one of our locations in which I would need them to be wearing a lapel mic or something like that so I can record the audio.

What are some of the best options on  a budget?

Can I work with what I have? (I have been researching but not sure on the microphone part)....

I have either a NIKON D5000 DLSR camera OR a Sony HD HandyCam (no shoe mount).

In the office, I would think our Handycam would be perfect, but out at our sites, it would be too loud to record the auido I would think (we manufacture wooden pallets and there are saws, nail guns, forklifts and slamming sounds constantly going on in the background).


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Dave Neuweiler

Hi Gina. First, I would use both cameras for the shoot, with one set at a distance (on a tripod), and the second closer tothe subject, just off to one side to be out of frame of the first camera.

This would give you two video and audio streams that you could cut back and forth to. You'd choose only one of the audio streams, though, probably from the camera closest to the subject.

Most video editing software packages will allow you to split the audio from the video to accomplish this.

If the background noise is too much for your needs, I'd suggest searching for audio production articles, or buying guides, like this one for microphones (it's a great resource!):

Hope that helps!


Gina Hoekstra

Good idea! I can use the Handycam as the steady tripod shot with the wireless mic and then use the Nikon to get up close shots (I just read about it that it only shoots in 5 minute incriments and has no mic jack!).

Thanks! I want to try to work with what I have and especially if I have to spend over a $100 to get a good wireless mic.

If anyone else has any recommendations, I would love to hear! Even if it means spending  a "little" bit of money

Steve Flowers

Don't forget about lighting 

Here's what I use for my interview lighting kit (I use 3 of these with rechargeable camcorder batteries and a reflector):

I mount them with these clip on "tripod / hotshoe" mounts. You can use chairs, shelves, whatever you have to mount the lights or whatever else you want to put on a tripod or hotshoe:

It sounds like a shotgun microphone would work better in your situation (directional sound isolation):

It adds up, but compared to what a pro set would cost, this isn't too bad. The results are pretty good considering the cost.

Steve Flowers

Another resource, in addition to Dave's great suggestion, is IzzyVideo's series of instructional videos. He's running a deal for subscriptions (6 months, I think) for $57. Let me know if you're interested and I'll PM you the discount code. He offers plenty of free videos like this one. Good quality advice. Izzy illustrates with examples. I really like his series.

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