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Sep 18, 2013

I have recorded some video but the sound is not clear as the room was echoing, does anyone know of a free video sound editing software where I can reduce the echo?

Also does anyone know a good sound editing software which allows me to take out background buzzing?

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Bruce Graham


You need to ask WHY is the quality poor / buzzing?

Is your PC on a surface that is causing this?

Is the fan causing this sound?

The electrical current can do this - you need to sample "white noise", and then use Audacity Noise Reduction to take out the sound, (I use this all the time).

If the room was echoey, you need to dampen the echo when you record. It is much easier (for future reference) to get rid at source rather than later on.



You could try to

1) extract (separate) the audio from the video using something like VideoLan, a free tool that can do this.

2) Follow Bruce's suggestion/instructions to clean the audio with Audacity or some other program

3) Use something like Windows Live Movie Maker to put the movie portion back together with the audio.

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