Video streaming through Amazon S3 / Cloudfront

Jun 06, 2017

We have some large videos that don't play well on our LMS as embedded files in Storyline 360. I've been evaluating options to use Amazon S3 based on several threads in the Community (I believe I've read them all). I think that I have most of the structure set up using Amazon S3 and Cloudberry and have no problems linking to resources or courses.

My goal is to link to the mp4 file so it streams in Storyline. However, when adding the link, we get a prompt to download the file and not stream it. I've read that streaming can be done using Cloudfront, but I'm struggling getting this setup.

Does anyone know of any consultants that I can hire to help me get this setup or any other suggestions to make this work? Any help would be much appreciated as we are on a tight timeline.

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Mike Taylor

Hi, Lu! I think you should be able to embed your video as a web object. 

Just put the S3 weblink for your video into the web object area. 

If you have any trouble with that you could create a simple html page with your video included as an Iframe and link to this page.   can help you set up the iframe if you go that route. 

Let me know if either of those work or how I can help you if they don't. 8-)

Lu Post

Hi Mike, thanks so much. I was actually able to get it to work using Cloudfront and a web object in SL. The videos play very fast. I was told by someone that I should use the jwplayer to make it cheaper, but I haven't had a chance to research it yet.


Shawn Stiles

Hi Lu,

I am attempting the same thing with AWS and Cloudfront, but we are running into issues with errors trying to load the files. In IE11, we get an "enable content' button that reloads the screen, and in Chrome it does not work at all. I've tried testing the files as both a web object and link from website with the same errors resulting.  I have even tested this in SCORMCloud and get errors.  I know the links are correct because they run correctly when pasted directly into the browser URL line. 

If you could share what you learned I would be grateful. 

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