Videos and illustrations for scenarios?

Hi all,

I'm in the planning phase for a course that will need to make use of existing video scenarios but also add some new non-video scenarios. I'd like to go with custom illustrations for the latter. Has anyone combined video and illustrated scenarios in a course? Does the combination work well? Any tips for making sure the course feels cohesive even with these different types of scenarios?

Thanks, Dana

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Dana Wardlaw

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. A little more info... the new scenarios will likely involve different characters/situations, making it difficult to use still photos from the videos (though I will definitely think this idea through!). Any other thoughts out there about whether live action video and illustrated scenarios can be successfully combined in eLearning? If so, any examples I might take a look at? Thanks!

Ray Cole

I agree with Matthew. Mixing videos with illustrational images is risky and can easily lead to a course that looks cobbled together haphazardly. If the videos are a given--meaning, you're definitely going to use them--then I'd try to use photographic images for the additional scenarios (unless you can shoot new videos for the new scenarios).