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Mar 24, 2015


Is it possible in Storyline to allow a user to view their previous test result when they revist the learning at a later date e.g. hold the score in the project.  The current way I have set up the results page is at the end of the test and the only way to get to the results page is by completing the questions fresh each time.

I'm guessing I may need to alter the way the slides are set up - just wanted to know if it is possible first.



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Nicole Legault

Hi Lucy!

Yes it is possible. There are multiple ways to achieve this. Are you using an LMS? Because the LMS might be able to bookmark the course, or if not, you can use Storyline's bookmarking feature that will work unless someone resets their cookies or accesses the learning from another computer. 

Under the Slide Properties you can set your Slide to "Resume Saved state" When revisiting. This means the Slide will look exactly how you left it off (question already answered) when you return to it later. 

Hope this helps! :)

Lucy Murray

Thanks Nicole, can I just check...

I have both the option to 'retry quiz' as well as 'review quiz' on my results slide, will alterning the slide properties to 'resume saved state' have any adverse implications on the retry quiz option?

Unfortunately our LMS isn't the greatest so I really need to manage this within the Storyline.

Thanks Lucy

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