virtual reality game ideas

I'm finishing up a series of 5 modules on social media for professional brand marketers.  In addition to quizzes within the module, I thought one way to get the mod users to engage with the content would be to effectively send them on a treasure hunt online (lots of pre-set dummy social media pages which would contain clues/answers/data needed to sort the 'problem').  They'd be led to these social media  anpages by clues like audio "voicemails" and video "skype messages" and text messages on mobile phones and d handwritten notes, etc (these elements would be clickable via a desktop image map interaction (ie. click on a phone, a mobile phone, a fax machine, a PC screen, etc).  A form fillable pdf would be attached to the exercise and the user would be asked to email it back-- thereby automatically putting them in a draw for a quarterly draw for a gift certificate.

anyone have any experience putting something like this together or can point me to some real world examples/models?  The idea would would be to spoon fed the clues and take no more than 10-15 minutes, have it be fun (the social pages would be light in tone) and give them a sense of real world application...

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