Voice-overs: start automatically or when user clicked?


I have built a course with texts, voice-overs and video's. The video's will start when the user clicks the play button. The voice-over supports the text, so that the learner will receive the information both visually and auditory. To support the text in an optimal way, I think the voice-overs should stream coincidently with reading the text. Should I use a button to trigger voice-overs, or is it better to start the voice-overs automatically when te timeline starts? How do you think about this?

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Bob S

Unless there is a specific reason to allow learners to explore content before the voice over, or the voiceover is "optional";  I would always opt for automatic play. 

Let's be respectful of the learner's time. Forcing them into extra clicks on every slide for no reason becomes annoying fast.

Tristan Hunt

As a general rule I would second what Bob has said, however it also pays to think about the flow of the course and how the user is interacting with the content.

I have built courses were having the text voiced over it optional and the user has to press a button for that to happen. In this case the voiceover was secondary to the design of the course and was added to make the course available to younger children than it was initially built for.