Wanted Character Packs that arn't office or medical

I work for a trucking company and our drivers look like this...

Not this

So i am wondering if anyone knows a good place to get character packs of labor workers, and other people that ar not in the medical or office environment. I know there are many of us non office trainers out their in the community so please help me out.I am looking for multiple images and poses of people.

Thanks a million.


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Steve Flowers

That's a REALLY great question Zara. I use a LOT of stock photography of professionals in action. Finding great imagery that fits the context and constraints of my project really gets my goat. So much of the stuff that's out there is really poor or really limited in the set variety. There is a tremendous market opportunity and a "communications standards" opportunity in this space. I'd love to see a set discovery mechanism that identified images by standard tags and codes.

I want to filter by CONSISTENT metadata descriptions. I'd be delighted if everything down to the lighting conditions, camera angle, props, context (profession), attire, and framing could be filtered in a consistent way. Far too often the stock photography out there represents a model wearing a suit and smiling into the camera. That's neither authentic nor usable in most of my contexts.

Anyone know of a meta-description standard for photographs? I'm sure there must be one. Maybe it's a secret handshake thing