Wanted: Freelance Instructional Designer - Sydney


I am looking a freelance Instruction Designer / storyline developer that is based in Sydney.  I need someone to assist in developing a 1 hour e-Learning module. It is medical education for doctors.  I can provide more information if you get in touch.  I would like to see examples work done and an hourly rate quote.




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Helen Reid

Hi Kate,  I'm really interested in talking more about what you're after.  I'm an independent contractor who's based on Auckland, NZ.  I'm reaching out to you as I have clients who are in based on Melbourne (a law firm) and therefore am active global workforce member.

If you're interested in knowing a little more about me including sample work, drop me an email to helenreid@vodafone.co.nz.  I'm happy to provide a quote for the work etc.  Thanks. Helen