Wanted to share my latest project - Acceptable Use Policy for K-12

I wanted to share a module that I just finished creating for our acceptable use policy for a K-12 public school system.  This module just went live yesterday (8/12) and out of over 8000 users, 300 have completed the module thus far.

To the module, click here.

I used drag and drop scenarios (some borrowed from the templates Articulate provided), and used triggers, slide layers, multiple audio, illustrated characters, and the list goes on. I also added a lot of 'easter eggs' for those who hovered the mouse around many of the objects.

History of the AUP:  We've produced a module for the AUP since 2008, and this is the largest revision we have done to date.  I really wanted to draw users into the module, so I started the module with the "old layout" and then quickly interrupted it with the narration (and our director of technology).  We've had a lot of great feedback from the module and thought this could help others who are looking to do a similar type of learning object/module.

I will be glad to share some of the .story files if you have questions about how I did anything.


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David Anderson

Thanks for sharing this one, Laura. You have a lot of great ideas going on here. I found some Easter eggs, but can't help but wonder what I've missed.

The subtle hover changes in internet privacy are a nice touch. And I especially like how you scaled the illustrated characters to create the family graphics.

Well done and thanks so much for sharing!

Laura Lowden

Thank you.  You would be correct, Clint.

Thanks, David!  I should have kept a list of all the hidden items I placed in it.  I had a secretary go through it during final testing of the project just waving her mouse around the entire time trying to catch them all (I'll call that an unintended feature/behavior).