Ways to Contribute to E-Learning Field

May 20, 2024


What are some ways I could contribute to the field of e-learning? I have been an instructional designer for 15 years. I am looking for ways to improve my knowledge on industry trends, best practices and emerging technologies. Thoughts? This part of my professional development goals. Thank you!

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Kandice Kidd


Join online forums like this one and participate by asking questions and submitting your thoughts as you did! Sign up for webinars that interest you, participate in the challenges if you have time, and become active on Linkedin. If you can afford to attend a conference or two (even virtual) per year, go for it! However, if you can't, don't let that limit you. There are great articles, webinars, and videos that can teach you so much.

I think it starts with being curious and engaging in learning opportunities in this forum and others, and that means asking questions, answering questions, and putting yourself out there to learn, learn, learn, and give, give, and give back what you know!