Web discussions seem to be missing using Google search

May 04, 2012

Hello - Just wondering where all the Google-searched online help/discussion threads have gone. This is one of the reasons I use Articulate - the ease of finding answers to questions.  If this is gone, you'll be like every other software.  I've been trying to figure some things for a current project - a simple search for "Articulate Player Template change font size" returns screens that say "OOPS!  It appears the page you're looking for is missing."  Cute. Other threads turn up dead links, or sends you to the technical online support page; nah.   None of the discussion threads in this screenshot work -

I can use this software because I can figure things out fast.  If that is gone, your time contract with your users disappears; then what happens with customer loyalty.  Who cares if you can't get it done fast? - Steve

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Chip Ritter

Hi Steve,

Thanks, once again for bringing this to our attention. As I stated in our phone and email conversation Friday, I have forwarded the email, links, and screen caps you provided to our engineers and web developers to address. If the links were broken in our rollover to the new website, we'll get them fixed. We appreciate your patience with us as we make the transition.


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